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Want to Join KCCD? Need to Renew Your Membership?

Professional Dues are $20.00 per year. Student Dues are $10.00 per year. Each member shall renew their memberships annually.

Online Membership Renewal:

For your convenience, you may use our "Online Membership Renewal" option.  If you prefer, you may email your membership application and use Paypal to pay your yearly membership dues in 2, quick and easy steps!  This option is available to all  KCCD members.  Not a KCCD member?  Want to become a member?  You can use this option, too!

Ready to complete your application and submit your payment?  Let's get started...  

Step 1:
Click below for your membership application.  Once you have completed the application, email the application to Shannon Butrum,
.  Do not proceed to the next step until you have emailed the completed application.

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Step 2:
After you have emailed your completed application, click the appropriate "Paypal" button below (there's one for "Regular" memberships and one for "Student" memberships).

Regular Membership, click the "Paypal" button below to process your payment through Paypal:

Student Membership, click the "Paypal" button below to process your payment through Paypal:

***If you decide to use this convenient Paypal payment option, there will be an administrative fee of $0.88 for Regular Membership and $0.59 for Student Membership added to your bill. These are the fees charged to KCCD by Paypal for processing payments.***

Once we have received your emailed application and payment processed through Paypal, your membership card will be mailed to you.  We hope you will find this application process and payment option convenient and easy to use!  Thanks in advance to all of our current and new members!

Regular Mail Renewal:

You may also mail your completed application and payment to:

KCCD Treasurer
Department of Corrections
P.O. Box 2400
Frankfort, KY 40601

Please make all checks payable to KCCD.  Thank you!

Notice on Returned Checks or Debit Payments:  If after we process your check/debit payment and it is returned to us for any reason, our bank will attempt to redeposit the check/debit up to 2 times to collect payment.  After that, if your check/debit payment is returned unpaid, we will access a $15.00 service charge, in addition to the face amount of the check.  This is the service fee our bank will charge our account for handling the return.