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Conference Scholarship

                        Mary Frances Cooper Conference Scholarship Program

POLICY:  It is the policy of KCCD, Inc. to award a conference scholarship to one qualified member each year with available funds by vote of the executive board members.  The Mary Frances Cooper Conference Scholarship Committee will solicit applications from qualified members.  The committee will select and make a recommendation for the recipient of the scholarship.  The recipient will be decided upon by the executive board and will be granted one (1) conference registration and three (3) night stay at the conference hotel.

AUTHORITY:  Unanimous approval by Executive Board October 2017

APPLICABILITY:  All members of KCCD with the exception of current elected and appointed members of the executive board to include the presidents of those chapters in good standing with the statewide organization.

Scholarship Program: Funding to establish the program is available through monetary donations made by family members of Mary Frances Cooper.  Additional funding may be made available from the general fund.

Committee:  The committee will be chaired by the Immediate Past President of KCCD as established by the organization’s by-laws.  The committee chairperson will be assisted by no less than three (3), but no more than five (5) committee members.  The committee members must be an elected member of the board and will be appointed to the committee by the current president of the organization.

Executive Board:  The elected officers and directors of the organization to include the presidents of those chapters in good standing with the statewide organization.

A.  Individual members, in good standing, may submit an application to the immediate past president for consideration of the scholarship being granted.

B.  The application should be submitted during the month of July.  Any applications received beyond the deadline of July 30th will not be considered.

C.  The Mary Frances Cooper Conference Scholarship Committee will review and consider any and all applications submitted within the deadline.

D.  A majority vote of the Executive Board is required to select the recipient of the scholarship.

Click the link below to download the Mary Frances Cooper Conference Scholarship application.

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